Pest Control

Extremely reliable, professional and courteous. I will suggest them to any one for both the yard and pests.Darren H., Property Owner
Living in the South comes with its own challenges when fighting the variety of insects, bugs and pests that invade. When dealing with invasive insects, the battle over one’s home is exhausting. Turf and Pest Pro USA wants to secure your home from the variety of bugs that are known to wreak havoc. We are committed to making life easier for our clients by giving them a pest-free yard and home that is free of allergen and disease-carrying parasites. It’s so rewarding for us to see our clients finally able to enjoy their property in peace. Turf and Pest Pro USA is your one-stop solution for all your pest-control needs. Whether you’re experiencing an outside invasion or one inside your house, we have you covered. Our service members at Turf and Pest Pro USA work to prevent and eliminate pest infestations.
Turf & Pest Pro USA Pest Control
Turf & Pest Pro USA Pest Control
Turf & Pest Pro USA Pest Control

Flea & Tick

When we service a house for flea and tick control we make sure to cover every applicable surface area with granules, then we go back over the granules back with a high quality liquid pesticide. Both of these steps ensure both long term and immediate results.


We also specialize in rodent/animal trapping and removal. Over the years, we’ve extracted plenty of squirrels, skunks, possums, and even armadillos. Just call us with your problem pest to see how we can help!

Bed Bug Treatment

Our Bed Bug Treatments are entirely customizable based on the level of infestation and what the client’s needs are. We have the capability of performing an entire chemical treatment of the house. We also provide heat treatment on furniture and other household items when necessary to make the home Bed-bug free. Each infestation is assessed individually and prices will vary depending on service needs.


For treating mosquitos, our servicemen examine the property and determine the areas where mosquitoes hide in the shade. We treat the underside and eaves of the home and carports. By treating the cool shade of shrubs and trees, this eliminates their day-time hiding places and prevents your yard from becoming a nightmare. This treatment is done typically between April-October when the Mosquito larvae hatch.




Our Guarantee

Turf & Pest Pro USA promises to use the safest, and most effective products available. This ensures the health and safety of every person and pet in your home, as well as the overall health of the environment. Turf and Pest Pro USA is committed to providing professional and timely communication between our team and our customers.

If our clients ever find that their experience with us did not meet these standards, please contact us, we will make it right!
Raymond Harvey, Owner, Turf & Pest Pro USA

- Owner, Turf & Pest Pro USA