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Turf Pro keeps my yard looking great year round!! Competitively priced and great customer serviceDustin B., Property Owner
We hate to see homeowners suffering with embarrassing and unattractive lawns. Without taking preventative measures at the right time, you could be facing a patchwork of color and texture in your landscape. Weedy grasses often contrast against the desireable turfgrasses, and they can be difficult to eliminate once they take root in your lawn. Turf and Pest Pro USA is committed to bringing the best products and services to our clients. Our lawn care program is an example of our dedication. This care program insures that your lawn is growing at its peak throughout the year. It involves seven treatments that are strategically planned to include the right combination of fertilization and weed control. We want our clients to have beautiful lawns they can enjoy year round. This program prevents and promotes the health of your lawn throughout the year.
Turf & Pest Pro USA Lawn Care
Turf & Pest Pro USA Lawn Care
Turf & Pest Pro USA Lawn Care
1Early SpringGranular Potash 00-0062Potash improves structure to promote stronger turf
2SpringPre-emergence crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control & liquid fertilizerPrevents crabgrass, controls broadleaf weeds & provides fertilizer to promote healthy spring growth
3Late SpringLiquid and/or granular fertilizer & weed controlFertilizer to promote healthy growth & enhanced green-up turf. Controls broadleaf weeds.
4Early SummerSlow-release granular fertilizer & weed controlSlow release fertilizer feeds the lawn slowly & helps keep the lawn green longer. Weed control applied as needed
5SummerSlow-release granular fertilizer & weed controlFertilizer to help the lawn recover from the summer stress & help replace nutrients. Weed control as needed
6FallPre-emergence and broadleaf weed control & liquid fertilizerPre-emergence for fall annual grasses, & post-emergence for broadleaf
7Late FallLimeLime is applied to balance the soil PH, which helps the lawn replace nutrients throughout the year.

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Turf & Pest Pro USA promises to use the safest, and most effective products available. This ensures the health and safety of every person and pet in your home, as well as the overall health of the environment. Turf and Pest Pro USA is committed to providing professional and timely communication between our team and our customers.

If our clients ever find that their experience with us did not meet these standards, please contact us, we will make it right!
Raymond Harvey, Owner, Turf & Pest Pro USA

- Owner, Turf & Pest Pro USA